General Conference Co-Chairs

Alexandre Nassif, ATCO

Petr Musilek, University of Alberta


Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs

Gregory Kish, University of Alberta

Konstantin Geramisov, EPCOR

Industry Program Committee Chair

Ahsan Upal, Burns and McDonnell

Finance Chair

Anand Shah, Powertech

Teng Li, University of Alberta

Workshop and Panels Chair

Hao Liang, University of Alberta

Publications Committee Chairs

Omid Ardakanian, University of Alberta

Hadis Karimipour, University of Guelph

Patronage Committee Chair

Alan Xia, ATCO

Publicity Committee Chair

Xiaodong Liang, University of Saskatchewan

Social Media Committee Chair

Alisha Kadam, University of Alberta

Local Arrangement Chair

Marek Reformat, University of Alberta

IEEE Canada CONAC Chair (2020)

Alexandre Nassif, ATCO

Advisory Committee

Raed Abdullah, Hydro-Ottawa

Jason Gu, Dalhousie University

Maike Luiken, Lambton College

 Witold Kinsner, University of Manitoba

IEEE Canada President (2020)

Jason Gu, Dalhousie University