Now into its 20th year, the Electrical Power and Energy Conference has its roots in Ottawa.

Historically, the first symposium leading up to this conference was the Electrical Power Symposium (EPS) held in Ottawa in 2001. The prime driver for hosting this event was a pronounced need to address the issue of deregulation in the electricity industry in Ontario at that time. This symposium was an opportunity to give voice to the various players in the de-regulation scenario and provided a forum for much debate between organizations, industry, academia and the public; especially regarding the actual implementation of deregulation.

EPS developed into an annual event in Ottawa and tackled new topics including, in 2003, the increasing debt and the widening gap between demand and supply, and, in 2004, the tough choices facing Ontario ranging from large-scale nuclear generation to demand management and distributed energy. With EPS 2005 the focus moved to more general issues such as the convergence of power and high technologies: communications, real-time applications, wide-area protection, smart metering, and automation in power systems.

Over the years, EPS grew in size and scope. In 2007, it switched from a local symposium to a national conference held in Montreal and sponsored by IEEE Canada. It was renamed the Electrical Power Conference (EPC) to reflect this evolution and has been moving around Canada ever since. In 2008, the conference was renamed to the Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC) to reflect both its power and energy components. Below is a complete list of the events, their locations and their themes:

EPEC 2020Edmonton, AlbertaPower Systems in Transition
EPEC 2019Montreal, Quebec:Digital Transformation of Power and Energy Systems
EPEC 2018Toronto, OntarioClean Technologies for Smart Cities
EPEC 2017Saskatoon, SaskatchewanAdvanced Technologies for Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Grids
EPEC 2016Ottawa, OntarioSmart Grid and Beyond: Future of the Integrated Power System
EPEC 2015London, OntarioSmarter Resilient Power Systems
EPEC 2014Calgary, AlbertaPartnership between Industrial Users and Power Providers
EPEC 2013Halifax, Nova ScotiaInnovative Leadership for Renewable Energy
EPEC 2012London, OntarioResilient Green Energy Systems for a Sustainable Society
EPEC 2011Winnipeg, ManitobaAdvanced Technologies for Emerging Power Systems
EPEC 2010Halifax, Nova ScotiaSustainable Energy for an Intelligent Grid
EPEC 2009Montreal, QuebecSustainable/Renewable Energy Systems and Technologies
EPEC 2008Vancouver, British ColumbiaEnergy Innovation
EPC 2007Montreal, QuebecRenewable and Alternative Energy Resources
EPS 2006Ottawa, OntarioFrom Tesla’s AC Power System to Distributed Generation and Smart Grids
EPS 2005Ottawa, OntarioConvergence of Power and High Technologies
EPS 2004Ottawa, OntarioOntario’s Tough Electricity Choices
EPS 2003Ottawa, OntarioSupply and Demand Challenges
EPS 2002Ottawa, OntarioTricks and Treats in Evolving Electricity Markets
EPS 2001Ottawa, OntarioElectricity Deregulation in Ontario